Artist Statement

Ruairi fallon Mcguigan is a Belfast born London based artist. Growing up in Northern Ireland post troubles with and English mother and an Irish Catholic father fuelled ruairi's interest in identity, particularly Irish identity with its many pre conceptions, romances and contradictions. On moving to England this became a more complex discussion now not only concerned with nationalism and unionism but crossed over by a diaspora who rivalled with each other to be the authentic Irish. Ruairi's works look to explore particular elements of this broad subject mater, working on several historical themes concurrently. Ruairi primarily creates work following two different processes; in the first he uses historical documents and archive images to create body's of visual work providing a context for the second process. Ruairi's second approach is intended to provide a more current insight into Irish identity, stereotypes and political landscape. He commonly get involved with subject matter through reportage and discussion, working with his observational drawings to build a visual narrative in the form of prints, paintings and installations.